The Possible Routes to Kırşehir


The possible routes to reach Kırşehir have been shown in the scheme below.
However, the best route to reach Kırşehir is as follow:
Istanbul--->Nevşehir Cappadocia Airport (by plane)
There will be available some shuttle bus at the Nevşehir Cappadocia Airport in order to provide transportation service for the conference participants to Kırşehir (especially to their hotels).
On the other hand, suppose you arrive at Ankara by plane. Buses run from Ankara coach station to Kırşehir 30-90 minutes intervals starting from 5:30 am. Bus service becomes hourly after 8:30 am.
For more details on bus timetables and ticket fares visit the following links. We recommend that do your travel through Kırşehir Şanal Tourism (  as they provide direct transportation to Kırşehir.


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